Oct. 4, 2018

Price Reduced Beautiful Southwest Las Vegas Home

9974 NIKE Way, Las Vegas, NV 89148

3 Bed 3 Bath Single Story Home in Gated Southwest Las Vegas Community

3 Bed | 3 Bath | Great Room | Office | See Full Listing Details



Aug. 24, 2018

Las Vegas Housing Market Update (August 2018) Single Family Residence Inventory Spikes

Is the Las Vegas Real Estate market cooling down?

Find out if you home values are trending up or down by watching this video!

In our opinion, this spike in inventory levels of available homes for sale, in the past 2-4 months and leveling off of home values, is much needed... and might be considered as healthy for a Las Vegas housing economy. Las Vegas home prices have been in growth mode for most of the last 8 years!


Watch this video for a quick update on what's currently happening in the Las Vegas single family residential real estate market as of August 2018.


July 2, 2018


Attention Real Estate Professionals This Video Is For You

Learn how to harness the power of social media sites like Instagram to strengthen your real estate brand and generate more leads organically!

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Danny Phee is the presenter in this video, an actual Realtor in Las Vegas who has consistently been closing 30+ deals per year!

In this live video you’ll learn about some of the methods that agents part of The Phee Group powered by the Three Keys Network, are doing to create massive brand awareness using social media at a relatively low cost, compared to traditional forms of advertising and marketing. By documenting their day using IG Stories, Facebook Live video, YouTube and showcasing their real estate knowledge, they’re educating, entertaining, and attracting clients who become familiar with them over time, and see the results they’re getting for their clients, so they trust hiring them to find them the same solid results when they’re ready to sell/buy a property.

Explained in this video is how easy it is to make quality content with a good smart phone

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June 22, 2018

$20K Towards Las Vegas Home Buyer's Down Payment - HOPE Grant Program Availability Update (June 2018)

Did you know that in Las Vegas, NV there is currently a grant program available that allows qualifying home buyers to get up to $20,000 towards their downpayment and closing costs on a new home loan!!! With this program there was only a certain amount of grant funds allocated and as soon as it's depleted it won't be back again. This video updates everyone thinking about buying a home or who knows someone in the market on how much of those funds are left currently and approximately how long it will be before those funds are depleted!

Click Here To See The List Of Zip Codes This Program Is Limited To And View Active Homes For Sale In Those Areas

For more information call or text me at 702-354-1355 and mention "HOPE"

May 14, 2018

8 Reasons To Use A Realtor To Buy a New Home

1. The salesman is working for the builder, not you – The sales people at the model homes are looking out for the best interest of their the builder (the company), not you. Their main goal is to sell you a home at a price that maximizes profit for the company and commission for themselves. You’re Realtor or buyerks agent works for YOU and are bound by a code of ethics. This means they are obligated to help you find the best home at the best price. A buyer’s agent will never try to “sell” you a home. Rather, they will listen to your needs and help match you with a property that suits you.

2. A professional agent has substantial knowledge and expertise – Realtors spend many hours a day studying properties for sale, monitoring trends and looking for great deals. They are often experts in a particular community or subdivision.

3. A Realtor’s expertise is free to you – The builder pays a real estate agent a commission for representing the buyers. Many buyers mistakenly believe they will get a better deal if they do not use a buyer’s agent. They assume that since a builder has to pay the agent a commission, they would be willing to pass those savings on to the buyer if they do not use an agent. This is not true. In fact, builders charge the same price for a house regardless of whether or not you use an agent. The agent’s commission comes out of the builder’s bottom line and in no way affects your purchase price.

4. An agent can help you save money – Purchasing a new construction home from the developer without the use of an agent could actually cost you more money. Because an experienced buyer’s agent is so knowledgeable about the active community you are looking at, they know when and where to find the best deals. Furthermore, they have access to information that shows comparable sales so they will be certain you do not overpay for a home. For example, did you know that a builder is more likely to offer an incentive at the end of a month? Also, builders are more likely to negotiate with you if you purchase an already finished “spec” home. Knowledgeable real estate agents know all of these secrets and more.

5. Why limit yourself to new construction – Most communities that are selling new construction homes also have pre-owned resale homes for sale as well. The salesman working for the builder can only show you the new homes. Why limit yourself to new construction? The resale market sometimes has more choices at better prices. In fact, some people prefer resale homes because they already have window treatments, mature landscaping and no more on-going construction surrounding the home.

6. Real estate agents are professional negotiators – Real Estate agents know the art of negotiating the best deal. Even when a builder says, “we do not negotiate,” there is often room to wiggle. A professional buyer’s agent knows how to find the builder’s “bottom line.” This crucial knowledge can likely help you save thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new construction home.

7. The home you love might be in a different community – You may not know it, but the home of your dreams might be in a community you didn’t know existed. A knowledgeable buyer’s agent might help you realize that there is a different community that better suits your needs and lifestyle. Agents will help you explore all of your options before you make a final decision.

8. Buyer’s agents will help you understand the contract – When it comes time to sign the contract, a buyer’s agent will help you understand the builder’s contract. Some contracts are over 50 pages long. It is important you have someone there (besides the builder’s salesman) to help you understand the contract and let you know what you are signing.

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April 9, 2018

Top Five Things Happening in Las Vegas | April 2018

The 5 Biggest Things Happening In Las Vegas Right Now

Park MGM

Reinventing/Rebranding the Monte Carlo

Inspired by Nomad Hotel in New York City

Pulling together the Monte Carlo which is going to be the new Park MGM with New York New York Hotel and Casino in addition to The T-Mobile Arena, and Park Theater


Fly Linq

The first zipline on the Las Vegas strip

122 feet tall zip fly linq tower that flies over dining, entertainment, and retail space over the Linq outdoor promenade

Launch station near current High Roller attraction

10 person superman style horizontal flying experience



Esports Arena Las Vegas

The first 30,000 sf space for all gamers and gaming needs and live competitions

Already open but the renovations are still millions of dollars away

This will be in the same space as the once thriving LAX nightclub


Wynn’s Paradise Park

Tearing down Wynn’s famous golf course and replacing it with the Paradise Park

Going to be Wynn and Encore’s new centerpiece which will include

A massive lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches

a mile long boardwalk

A carousel with a bar in the center which is expected to hang over the lagoon water

Bumper car attraction will feature lights and sound effects that respond to every collision

Every night, a water parade will feature 30-foot-tall animated floats on display

About 1,500 new hotel rooms will be found inside a 47-story high-rise that includes:

suites, villas, and lake views

An opening date isn't confirmed, but construction crews will be busy throughout 2018


Lady Gaga is Signing On To Be Newest Resident in Las Vegas

Residency at Park Theater

2 Year Deal

Performances start at the end of 2018



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April 6, 2018

Have Home Prices Peaked In Las Vegas?!

Are Las Vegas Home Prices Reaching Their Peak?!

Median home prices have jumped to over $280,000 in Las Vegas as of April 2018! We have been seeing multiple offers on any decent looking home under $400k! Home buyers have resorted to submitting offers site unseen and even waiving inspections and appraisals! With interest rates still relatively low, many people are still able to take out a mortgage loan at an affordable monthly payment! But for a lot of folks looking to purchase property in Southern Nevada, inventory of homes for sale is extremely low, mixed with the high buyer demand the market has become extremely competitive!

Home prices in Las Vegas have gone up 15.7% since March 2017! That means if you purchased a $300,000 home with me a year ago chances are your home is worth close to $350,000 today!

Watch the above video as we discuss what’s happening with the current Las Vegas Market 

Find out how much your Las Vegas home is worth instantly below!