Are Las Vegas Home Prices Reaching Their Peak?!

Median home prices have jumped to over $280,000 in Las Vegas as of April 2018! We have been seeing multiple offers on any decent looking home under $400k! Home buyers have resorted to submitting offers site unseen and even waiving inspections and appraisals! With interest rates still relatively low, many people are still able to take out a mortgage loan at an affordable monthly payment! But for a lot of folks looking to purchase property in Southern Nevada, inventory of homes for sale is extremely low, mixed with the high buyer demand the market has become extremely competitive!

Home prices in Las Vegas have gone up 15.7% since March 2017! That means if you purchased a $300,000 home with me a year ago chances are your home is worth close to $350,000 today!

Watch the above video as we discuss what’s happening with the current Las Vegas Market 

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