Attention Real Estate Professionals This Video Is For You

Learn how to harness the power of social media sites like Instagram to strengthen your real estate brand and generate more leads organically!

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Danny Phee is the presenter in this video, an actual Realtor in Las Vegas who has consistently been closing 30+ deals per year!

In this live video you’ll learn about some of the methods that agents part of The Phee Group powered by the Three Keys Network, are doing to create massive brand awareness using social media at a relatively low cost, compared to traditional forms of advertising and marketing. By documenting their day using IG Stories, Facebook Live video, YouTube and showcasing their real estate knowledge, they’re educating, entertaining, and attracting clients who become familiar with them over time, and see the results they’re getting for their clients, so they trust hiring them to find them the same solid results when they’re ready to sell/buy a property.

Explained in this video is how easy it is to make quality content with a good smart phone